Sports Performance

If you want to excel in a sport then it is necessary to work and train the body in a specific way that brings benefit to that sport. Your body adapts to training and stresses in which you put on it, so you have to stress the correct muscles in a specific way to maximise the benefits of training. This is known in the industry as S.A.I.D Training (Specific Adaption to Imposed Demand). If you are not training your body in this specific way you will not see the gain you are trying to acheive.


By studying Functional Performance I know how the body moves and functions in relation to sport. I know how to break down the movements of each sport and then train these movements so you can improve in the correct functional movement for that sport. This brings gains in strength, power and function in the right way!


Alongside my qualifications, my experience of training Pro and Semi Pro Footballers, GB squad Skiers, County Tennis Players, County Cricketers and 800m runners along with being a Martial Arts National Finalist myself, shows I have the expertise to push your performance to another level!


If you want to improve your sports performance or have a team or club that wants to benefit from increased function performance, get in touch for a free consultation.