FKPRO Suspension Trainer

What's Suspension Training?

Suspension Training is all about using your bodyweight to perform a range of exercises whilst partially supported by the FKPro which is fixed above your head. It's functional training at its best - ideal for improving your body for everyday living or turning in the performance of your life.

Functional Training? Suspension Training? What is it?

Basically what we're talking about is using your body and your own bodyweight with exercises designed to translate directly to 'real life' activities - sporting or everyday movement. We put a lot of effort into the science of training so all you have to do is train and reap the benefits of using FKPro.

What's the FKPro kit

The kit is a two strap system, fully adjustable, and built to satisfy the most demanding clients. As well as the provided door attachments you can fix the kit to wall bars, railings, trees, beams - the only limit is your imagination! FKPro is fully expandable with a growing range of accessories including the FKPro Neck Harness and Ab Cradle enabling an even broader range of exercise programmes. As well as the FKPro system you get a DVD and Booklet explaining the FKPro Way - an approach that has been developed with world leading Physiotherapists, Coaches and Athletes.


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