Golf Performance

Are you looking to improve your golf performance?


If you are serious about improving your golf game, you will have probably had lessons from a golf pro, practiced a lot and ideally bought your handicap down. NR Fitness can provide that vital link to really boosting your golf performance. Has your golf pro ever asked you to do things like 'keep your weight more central', 'don't drop your shoulder', 'kick your hips out on your down swing' or any other movement that you have struggled with? This could mean you have a movement restriction that's effecting your swing.


From the second you go to start your back swing, all the way to where you finish you follow through, there is a series of joint movements, muscle contractions, nerve impulses and fascial stretches that occur to enable you to move the club through the desired swing plane to strike the ball. If any of these are restricted, it will cause a change in the kinetic chain of movements forcing other areas to move in a way to counteract this restriction, therefore forcing an undesired swing plane. This will effect how accurately you can strike the ball and if you want to improve your game will cause a problem.


NR Fitness specialises in movement and functional performance and can breakdown the movements at each joint and assess these movements to identify any restriction. NR Fitness can increase the movement of the joint and then train the muscles within this new movement pattern. This will increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles in your desired swing plane leading to a smoother, more functional and powerful swing.


NR Fitness can work alongside your golf pro to be a vital element to your training.


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