28 day rapid fat loss program

To kick off 2012 in a healthy and fit way, I have a system that helps reduce body fat effectively, easily and healthily. There are so many products and ‘fad diets’ out there that claim they work wonders in fat loss, but most are not sustainable or healthy to the body. My system works on getting the body healthy, decreasing fat storage factors and increasing fat burning factors by giving the body what it needs and cutting out what it doesn’t. It is easy to implement and it’s designed so you can maintain a healthy regime all year round and even have cheat meals so you can have that treat when you want to.


The options are:


Full 28 day Rapid Fat loss program which includes:

-10 day herbal detox (as detailed below)

-28 day organic supplement program

-28 day Nutritional Plan with recipe’s, recommendations and healthy eating tips

-28 day support by text, facebook or phone

-A step by step guide detailing how to implement this easy program


Price = £120 (this includes £140+ worth of supplements)



10 Day Herbal Detox

-30 packets, of 5 vitamin supplements, to be taken 3 times a day.

-It removes toxins from fat cells allowing us to reduce body fat more effectively.

-It cleanses the liver, intestines and colon of toxins so your body will function better, giving you more energy.

-It can be taken alongside a normal healthy diet.

-It DOES NOT contain laxatives to give a false effect of colon cleansing.


Discount price = £55 (Normal price is £69.95!)



Healthy Nutritional Plan with recipe’s, recommendations and healthy eating tips.

This is a maintainable, healthy, weight management eating plan with a number of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all with recipe’s and tips to keep your body fat down, energy levels up and to optimize your health.


Price = £15



If you are interested in any of the above or if you want something more personalised then get in touch.