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The right choice for Personal Training Warwickshire!

NR Fitness offers the ultimate in Personal Training services for Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, Stratford and surrounding Warwickshire areas. If you're looking for a highly qualified, passionate and experienced Personal Trainer then look no further.


NR Fitness will look at you as an individual, assess how your body moves, find any tight/weak areas an then guide you through a bespoke, innovative training session shaped towards your goals. Training includes dynamic, functional movements that not only gain accelerated results of increased body tone, weight loss and performance but also leaves you feeling refreshed and vitalised rather than exhausted and fatigued after your session. Not only is this style of training is more exciting, it will also have you looking, feeling and moving better than traditional workouts. 


Personal Training isnt just about putting you through your paces for an hour, its also about looking at your lifestyle, nutritional requirements, current fitness levels and weight/body composition and creating the perfect solution for YOU with goal setting, training programs, advice, motivation and support to ensure you get results effectively but most important, safely. 


Personal Training can take place in the comfort of your own home saving you precious time and hassle travelling to the gym and having to wait for equipment. If your workplace is more convenient then we can train there, or we can make use of the outdoors with Warwickshire's lovely parks and fields, where training can become much more versatile instead of sticking within the parameters of standard equipment found in gyms and fitness centres.


NR Fitness founder Nick Richardson has worked with a large range of Personal Training clients from people looking to lose weight, tone up and start their fitness journey all the way to elite sports people looking to excel further in their chosen field. Nick has the ability to push you, motivate you and educate you, giving you everything you need to succeed.


If you are serious about achieving your goals then get in touch and we can work together to bring out the best in you.




Nick, I want to let you know how grateful I am for all you've helped me achieve over the last few months. The 17lb I've lost in weight feels fantastic, but the biggest thing for me is the movement I've got back. I know 43 isn't exactly old, but you know what, it's old enough for your body to start noticing it's slowing, seizing up and aching every day. Didn't realize I could reverse all that so quickly! 

A big, huge thanks Nick, as I'm feeling fab and bouncing round like I'm in my 20's again.
Cheers! I've enjoyed every minute of it too..

   - Malc, Owner, I am Tools

"When I first started personal training with Nick I hadnt done anything remotely like PE since I was at school, but as I was approaching my 40's I realised that I was destined to become ever more bloke-shaped if I didnt do anything about it." 

"Nick has been encouraging from the outset and got me into training  particularly running,  step by literal step. I am now running regular 10k races and happy with my weight and much improved levels of fitness. "      

  - Craig, Creative Director, The Vital Agency

"Since I've had Nick as my Personal Trainier  my fitness levels have definitely improved. I did the Leamington Spa Regency 10km run in 53 mins without stopping and my weight is heading in the right direction."


"At work I was very much a morning person with my energy levels and concentration lapsing in the afternoon, but now I find myself able to concentrate on the most complex issues at anytime of the day increasing my productivity at work."      

   - Jamie, Managing Director, Emmerson Press

"I heard of Nick Richardson Personal Training through a client of mine who recommended I used his services. I am a keen sportsman and I wanted to get in to shape to be able to perform better. I searched for Personal Trainer's in Warwickshire first on google to see what other Personal Trainers are about and NR Fitness was the one that stood out even after the recommendation."


"I contacted Nick and I found his approach professional and informative. We discussed weight loss, Sports Specific Training and rehabilitation for an old football injury. As a Personal Trainer Nick developed a plan which we work to on a weekly basis setting regular targets and measuring improvements."


"I have lost over a stone in weight, feel a lot stronger and faster for cricket and my ankle has regained strength and stopped causing problems. I could not be happier with the personal training service I have received from NR Fitness.

I have now engaged with Nick to train employees at my company Alexander James Healthcare."

   - James Uddin, Managing Director, Alexander James Healthcare